Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Winter products for your Land Rover

Land Rover Winter Products

There's no getting away from it: Winter is coming! And with it the snow and frost that cover our vehicles. Prepare your Land Rover with these great wintery products, available at Challenger 4x4 at a great price:

Demister Kit
Demister Kit

Fitting this Defender demister kit will help demist your windscreen better than the standard fitted demister and has the added bonus that it will also demist your side windows too.

MUD UK Heated Mirrors Kit
MUD UK Heated Mirrors Kit

MUD-UK Defender Heated Mirror Elements use the same carbon impregnated Glasscloth technology found in underfloor heating and high-end bathroom mirror applications and are supplied with self-adhesive backing. Just peel off the backing and stick the element to the back of the Defender mirror glass.

Heatshot Heated fluid windscreen wash system
Heatshot: The heated fluid windscreen wash system

Heatshot is the only proven, effective heated windscreen wash system that offers consumers both safety and convenience at an affordable price. The system easily fits to any vehicle, 12v and 24v, in a minimal amount of time and, once fitted, will clear ice, snow, grease, bird droppings and dead insects from the windscreen, whilst prolonging the life of your wiper blades.
Retrofit insert seat heaters for Land Rovers
Retrofit insert seat heaters

Enjoy comfortable seat heating in a matter of seconds with these retrofit insert seat heaters. Highly flexible, coated heating elements for seat base and back are placed between the upholstery and seat cover without altering the shape of the seats.

Heated unbreakable Door Mirrors

Heated unbreakable Door Mirrors

Absolutely awesome door mirrors for your Land Rover Defender and Series, not only they are heated they are also UNBREAKABLE!

Heater Intake Snow Cowl
Heater Intake Snow Cowl

The all-weather cowl will prevent snow, sand, mud and leaves from entering the heater intake and reducing the Defender heater performance. The Snow Cowl fits over the top of the heater intake grille and the contours of the moulding perfectly follow the profile of the wing.

Land Rover Winter Check

And to make your Landy fully winter proof, bring it to Challenger 4x4 for a proper winter check!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Challenger 4x4 top UK team in Croatia Trophy 2014

Saying that the 2014 Croatia Trophy was one of the hardest ever is saying a lot about one of the toughest off road challenges in the World. Challenger 4x4's Paul Bass and Andy Pearce survived the nine days of racing to take top place between the UK teams for the second year running.

The Croatia Trophy is one of the best and hardest off road challenges in the World and for that a must do event for team Challenger 4x4 every year. Not only it is great fun it's also a perfect test for our products and our work back at the garage. And what a better testimony than to finish, for the second year running, as the top UK team in the Trophy Class, the class for cars with higher level of preparation, and having the Challenger 4x4 backed team of Richard Edgington and David Robbins  finishing as the top UK team in the Adventure Class.

The weather was terrible, with strong wind, heavy rain and even hail raising the water level of the rivers we had to cross. Made us feel right at home! Unfortunately our race didn't start all that well. On day one another competitor drove over our winch line, forcing us to cut it and knot it, making us sit in the chest deed water for over 20 minutes. No mater how well the car is built, unless you're a submarine builder, your car will have problems sitting in water that deep for that long. Ours was no exception and gremlins started to creep in immediately.

Second day wasn't to different from day one with regards to luck. It was Trophy day & night stage, an 8k blast through the forest, on the clock, to get us to the quarry for a team stage. 4 cars, 2 of which went through deep water while the other 2 drove round and winched the first two up the bank on the other side, simple enough but no one wanted to get wet... including us. Guess who ended up in the water!! Bit of a shambles, with winch lines snapping and the usual language issues but we got out ok.
We spent the rest of the competitions battling the elements, the forest, the mud, the water, the electrical and mechanical issues caused by day one's dip. Couldn't go beyond position 15, still in the top half of the final ranking and top UK team though so we can't be too disappointed.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Awesone Maxxis Trepador Tyres (with video)

One of the best extreme off-road tyres is now available at Challenger 4x4. The Trepador tyre from Maxxis is commonly used by the most competitive teams in the hardest off-road challenges in the world, from the Rainforest Challenge to the King of the Hammers.
  • Aggressive, directional tread design provides excellent traction on and off-road.
  • Multi-curve siping improves traction on loose dirt and other slippery surfaces.
  • Arrangement ensures a uniform tread contact area for sure-footed handling.
  • Jointless spiral-wound cap ply maximizes ride refinement and durability.
  • Multi-stage staggered shoulder pattern provides improved side bite on difficult terrain.
  • Nylon belt-reinforced tire construction improves puncture resistance and prolongs tread life.
  • M & S All-Season rated.

Maxxis Trepadors available at Challenger 4x4

You can now get your awesome Maxxis Trepadors at Challenger 4x4. Order by phone, email or buy directly through our online shop (soon...). Available sizes are:
  • 37 X 13.5 X 16 Sticky compound
  • 37 X 13.5 X 16 Standard compound
  • 40 X 13.5 X 17

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