Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Defender security

We sadly hear so many reports of beloved Defenders being stolen from all over the country.
Here are a few products to help keep your Landrover safe and make it as difficult as possible for would be thieves to take your vehicle:

1) Steering Wheel Boss Quick Release Black 36/48 spline

36 or 48 Spline Quick Release Boss. A slimline boss to fit directly to your Landrover steering column, without the need for multiple bosses to be used.

Manufactured by Optimill to the highest standard, hard anodised to prevent wear and designed to give an extra level of security to your vehicle.

The slimline boss is just 42mm in depth, meaning it is only 10mm thicker than our original slimline boss.
The boss is designed to fit Momo steering wheels, or wheels with 6 holes on a 70mm PCD.

Momo horn buttons will no longer be able to be used as the boss is so slim, therefore an Optimal cap is supplied along with screws and pins for installation.

Please note: This boss has 2 locking pins which are used to separate the boss. These must NEVER be pulled open whilst driving. This is designed as a removable product and it is the drivers responsibility to ensure it is fitted correctly and in full working order before attempting to drive the vehicle.

2) Ardcase pedal lock.

Simple yet effective, the 'ardcase is a security device that securely encases the pedals of your Land Rover Defender to deter and prevent theft of your vehicle. Impervious to prolonged attack from drills, crowbars and grinders, the 'ardcase offers a supremely tough level of security at an affordable price.

Available for all 200Tdi, 300Tdi, Td5 & 'Puma' Tdci RHD Defender Models and Td5 and 'Puma',Tdci LHD Defender models.

3) X Defend pedal lock

Suitable for all Right hand drive Defenders up to Td5 models without Air-Con.

The X-Defend Pedal Lock, like all the other pedal locking products, prevents the clutch, brake and throttle pedal from being operated, making a vehicle quite hard to drive!

Unlike all the others, this remains bolted to the floor of the vehicle. When not in use, it folds flat on the floor and seat box, forming the floor of the cab.In this position it can be covered with your usual floor mat.

This means you dont have to store a 20kg lump of metal which could be lethal if it hit you in the event of an RTA or while off roading. It also means that locking is incredibly quick. Just release the catch which holds it against the seat box and slam it against the pedals. A 10mm thick steel claw grabs the brake pedal shaft and ratchets in tight against it. It can be locked in a couple of seconds! To unlock you turn the key which releases the pedal and fold flat on the floor.

The Pedal lock is supplied in tough, corrosion proof 304 Stainless steel and uses formed hinges with a 6mm stainless pin. Stainless is one of the most difficult materials to cut with a disk cutter. It took 4 disks to cut one in half! Like our other products it is supplied with an anti-drill, British Made Lowe & Fletcher RPT Lock.

NOTE: This does NOT fit Series or Tdci / TD4 / Puma Defenders.

Because not all Defenders are the same and build tolerances are at best acceptable it may be necessary to either relocate the bonnet pull bracket (you can drill out the spot welds and re-attach with pop rivets) or better still replace with the later TD5 type bonnet pull. We have discovered that because Land Rover had no set place to fit the early type bracket it sometimes fouls the pedal lock.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Alive tuning at Challenger4x4

Discover how we can make your Land Rover feel Alive. Email us to learn  about Alive enhancement process and options. For your own tailor made tuning solution, give us a call or drop us an email.

Winter products for your Land Rover

Land Rover Winter Products

There's no getting away from it: Winter is coming! And with it the snow and frost that cover our vehicles. Prepare your Land Rover with these great wintery products, available at Challenger 4x4 at a great price:

Demister Kit
Demister Kit

Fitting this Defender demister kit will help demist your windscreen better than the standard fitted demister and has the added bonus that it will also demist your side windows too.

MUD UK Heated Mirrors Kit
MUD UK Heated Mirrors Kit

MUD-UK Defender Heated Mirror Elements use the same carbon impregnated Glasscloth technology found in underfloor heating and high-end bathroom mirror applications and are supplied with self-adhesive backing. Just peel off the backing and stick the element to the back of the Defender mirror glass.

Heatshot Heated fluid windscreen wash system
Heatshot: The heated fluid windscreen wash system

Heatshot is the only proven, effective heated windscreen wash system that offers consumers both safety and convenience at an affordable price. The system easily fits to any vehicle, 12v and 24v, in a minimal amount of time and, once fitted, will clear ice, snow, grease, bird droppings and dead insects from the windscreen, whilst prolonging the life of your wiper blades.
Retrofit insert seat heaters for Land Rovers
Retrofit insert seat heaters

Enjoy comfortable seat heating in a matter of seconds with these retrofit insert seat heaters. Highly flexible, coated heating elements for seat base and back are placed between the upholstery and seat cover without altering the shape of the seats.

Heated unbreakable Door Mirrors

Heated unbreakable Door Mirrors

Absolutely awesome door mirrors for your Land Rover Defender and Series, not only they are heated they are also UNBREAKABLE!

Heater Intake Snow Cowl
Heater Intake Snow Cowl

The all-weather cowl will prevent snow, sand, mud and leaves from entering the heater intake and reducing the Defender heater performance. The Snow Cowl fits over the top of the heater intake grille and the contours of the moulding perfectly follow the profile of the wing.

Land Rover Winter Check

And to make your Landy fully winter proof, bring it to Challenger 4x4 for a proper winter check!